Corporate Law

Corporate business support is a key activity of the CAF Group, whose experts have exclusive competencies and experience, which allows us to solve the most complex corporate issues of our clients.
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Service Model
1Informing CAF Group about the need to solve the corporate problem
2Analysis of risks, necessary measures and operations for solving the problem by CAF Group experts
3Preparation by CAF Group experts of the necessary documentation
4Supporting events as a corporate secretary

The work of the company always takes place in the conditions of the need to constantly resolve various corporate issues and tasks. Participation of qualified lawyers in the process of solving such problems allows meeting the requirements of the current legislation and eliminating the risks of negative consequences for top management and owners.

CAF Group offers to use services in the area of corporate law and management:

  • Analysis and introduction of necessary changes to the constituent documents
  • Amendments to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities
  • Administration of the register of shareholders, preparation of the list of persons entitled to participate in the general meeting of shareholders
  • Preparation of the notice of the general meeting and organization of the process of notifying shareholders about the date and venue of the general meeting of shareholders
  • Preparation of documentation for holding general meetings
  • Record the process of the general shareholdersmeeting: directing, sign and sign the minutes of meetings and meetings
  • Performing the functions of a counting commission and formalisation decisions taken at a general meeting of shareholders
  • Ensuring the interaction of the company with regulators, registrar, other professional participants of the securities market within the framework of the powers assigned to the corporate secretary
  • Preparation of the annual report of the company and other documents submitted to shareholders
  • Interaction with shareholders, consideration of shareholders 'appeals by the company and resolution of conflicts related to violation of shareholders' rights
  • Preparation of protocols for the approval of major transactions and related party transactions
  • Ensuring the process of issuing shares of the company and other corporate actions of the company
  • Ensuring the process of information disclosure by society
  • Preparation of answers on behalf of the company's management bodies on the requests of shareholders and authorized state bodies

​Benefits of the transfer of corporate support to CAF Group experts

Ensuring the activities of the company and resolving corporate issues and tasks in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation.
Operational realization of corporate tasks and reduction of time for preparation and holding of general meetings of shareholders, meetings and negotiations of shareholders, boards of directors.
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