Legal analysis of contracts

Management of contractual documentation: development of standard contracts, analysis of concluded contracts for compliance with corporate rules, approval of signing / termination of contracts
Practice shows that most commercial disputes are caused by insufficient preparation of a contract with a business partner. Qualitative study of the terms of the contract and control over the performance of contractual obligations by CAF Group experts will help ensure the highest level of protection of the interests of the client company.
Nataliya Ionova
CEO Caf Group
Service Model
1Receipt of draft contract
2Analysis of contract terms and identification of risks for the client company
3Preparation of adjustments and proposals for changing the terms of the contract
4Control over the process of signing the contract
5Control over the performance of contract terms

The process of contract administration is designed to protect the interests of the company and provide a prospect of a positive outcome in the event of a commercial dispute.

Qualitative study of templates of standard contracts and development of rules for concluding commercial agreements with counterparties significantly reduces the risks of future claims, both from customers and suppliers, and from the tax authorities. In case of unusual situations in business it is extremely important to develop a scheme for working with partners and correctly reflect it in the terms of the contract.

Management of most companies regularly face the need to sign non-standard contracts, which they are not familiar with in terms of content and hidden legal risks. The most secure way to work in this case is to connect a CAF Group lawyer who will help protect the company's interests even when concluding a contract on a counterparty template.

CAF Group оказывает услуги по комплексному администрированию договоров и реализации проектов в области договорного права:

CAF Group provides advice on complex legal issues of contract law and related areas: in the field of currency control, customs procedures, international supplies, intra-group services, etc.

The benefits that you get by passing the administration of CAF Group contracts?


Savings in the absence of the need for a permanent state lawyer
The possibility of attracting the most qualified specialists in various branches of law
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