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Do you have any questions in the field of law and you do not know what to do? Lawyers of CAF Group will help to find the answer to the most tricky questions from any branch of law.
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Service Model
1A request to the CAF Group legal department describing the situation
2Legal analysis of the situation and definition of the relevant norms of legislation and judicial practice
3Preparation of a report indicating the current legislation, risk assessment for the client and possible solutions to the situation

The management of companies may have legal issues on a daily basis, for the solution of which a consultation of a highly qualified lawyer is required. However, maintaining a professional lawyer in the state, and even more so several lawyers specializing in various branches of law, can become an unbearable burden for the company.
An excellent alternative is the legal department of the CAF Group, staffed by professionals of the highest class.
The lawyers of the CAF Group will consult and give explanations on a wide range of legal issues from a wide range of branches of jurisprudence:

The lawyers of CAF Group will provide comprehensive legal support at any stage of the resolution of the legal issue, including: preparation of consultations, pre-trial settlement of disputes, judicial protection and enforcement of enforcement proceedings.

Benefits of legal advice from CAF Group

Payment only of the amount of work that is carried out CAF Group lawyers and a penny more
Opportunity to seek advice from recognized experts in the area of law
Short-term preparation of written consultations and prompt resolution of legal issues
Support at any stage of the resolution of the legal issue
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