Consultation and development of local regulations

CAF Group helps to develop the necessary local-normative acts of the company and provide an effective system of company management.
Julia Semenova
The leading jurisconsult
Service Model
1Analysis of existing local-normative documents in the company
2Identification of missing or requiring adjustments of mandatory local regulations
3Preparation of a draft of local-normative documentation
4Coordination and approval of the normative document

The labor legislation of the Russian Federation provides for the mandatory presence of locally-normative documentation in the company, including documents such as: rules of internal labor regulations , regulations on remuneration of labor, staff schedule, leave schedule, provision for the protection of personal data, regulations on business trips, rules and regulations on labor protection for employees, rules for attestation, documents establishing various types of work schedules, as well as a number of other documents.

Also, the company's management can introduce additional local regulations that are not explicitly provided for by law, such as regulations on company departments, clauses on commercial secrets, and others.
If the company management does not take the LND seriously enough and only formally creates documents that do not work in practice, then there are high risks of labor disputes and claims from the labor inspectorate. While local-normative acts can serve as an effective tool for monitoring the work of personnel and a reliable means of protecting the interests of the company.

The development of local normative acts is a responsible norm-setting that requires high competence.

Experts of CAF Group have the necessary competences and vast experience in the development of individual local regulations and the construction of normative documentation system in companies of various profiles from more than 20 business sectors.

The benefits of transferring the development of local-normative documentation CAF Group

The management of the company receives a real tool to protect the interests of the company
Minimizing the risks of labor disputes
Absence of claims from labor inspection
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