Registration and liquidation of foreign company’s representative office and branch

CAF Group's registration services will allow you to save time and concentrate on more important tasks.
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Service Model
1Obtaining information on the need to register a new legal entity or liquidate an existing company
2Request for required data
3Preparation of the package of mandatory documentation
4Signing documentation by the client
5Organization of payment of state fee
6Submission of documents to the registration and regulatory authorities

It is legal to carry out commercial activities, as well as certain types of non-commercial activities, only if there is a state registration, the procedure of which often requires unnecessarily a lot of time and effort.

Correct the situation will help the CAF Group, whose specialists in a short time and with minimal participation of the client will conduct all necessary measures for the registration of a legal entity, regardless of the form or type of activity.

Experts of CAF Group will provide:

Experts of CAF Group will provide reorganization of the legal entity in the required form: merger of an entity, absorption of an entity, division of an entity, separation of a legal entity or transformation of a legal entity, if necessary.

In case of termination of the company's activities, CAF Group experts will help to conduct all stages of the liquidation procedure of a legal entity in accordance with the requirements of the law.

The process of registration, reorganization and especially the liquidation of legal entities requires exceptional accuracy in the preparation of documentation and strict adherence to all formal procedures.

The benefits of transferring the processes of registration or liquidation of a legal entity to CAF Group

CAF Group registration services is a solution that allows you to save time and minimize the risk of negative consequences of errors in the registration, reorganization or liquidation of legal entities.

The process of registration of your company will be held as soon as possible
All registration activities will conform to the requirements of legislation and it means that regulatory authorities will not claim in the future
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