Set up of personal data security

Protection of personal data is one of the duties of every employer, the observance of which is controlled by several state bodies: Roskomnadzor, FSTEC, FSB and others. Failure to comply with the requirements for a personal data protection system can lead to large financial losses from penalties and sanctions. CAF Group helps to ensure the protection of personal data in accordance with the requirements of regularly changing legislation.
Olga Burgstaller
HR Director
Service Model
1Analysis of measures to protect personal data
2Certain discrepancies with current legislation in the field of personal data protection
3Making a list of the necessary measures to ensure the protection of personal data
4Preparation of local normative documentation
5Implementation of measures to implement the protection of personal data.

Violations of the provisions of legislation on the protection of personal data are the cause of penalties as a result of planned and unscheduled inspections of Roskomnadzor and other agencies that are conducted on the basis of information from competitors or complaints from clients and employees. In addition, the company is exposed to risks of loss of valuable information, which can be avoided when implementing a high-quality system for protecting information and personal data.

CAF Group provides services in the field of building personal data protection systems:

  • survey of personal data processing
  • analysis of local normative documentation
  • recommendations for finalizing the system
Organizational activities:
  • assessment of the current state of processing of personal data, the presence of mandatory documentation for information security compliance requirements of current law 152-FZ
  • threat modeling security of personal data, the design of effective information security system working
Development of technical activities to create a system for protecting personal data:
  • assessment of the necessary technical means of information protection
  • configuration tools and protection of information systems in accordance with the requirements
Additional activities
  • Maintenance and modification of the existing system in accordance with the entering into force of the new requirements of changing legislation and new threats
  • Organization of certification of personal data information system
  • Assistance in the inspection of regulatory bodies

Expert experience of CAF Group will help the company's management to ensure compliance with the requirements of legislation in the field of personal data protection.

Get reliable data on the status of existing measures to protect personal data
Minimize the risks of financial losses from penalties in the event of inspections by regulatory authorities
To organize a system for the protection of personal data in accordance with the requirements of Law 152 of the Federal Law
To organize an information security system in accordance with existing risks
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