Employment termination

In most cases, dismissal of employees or staff reduction is an unpleasant, but forced measure dictated by necessity. The process of staff reduction is regulated by labor legislation, has a number of restrictions and requires competent training and clear implementation to exclude claims from employees and labor inspection.
Olga Burgstaller
HR Director
Service Model
1Determining and agreeing on the scale of еmployment termination
2Determining the parameters of the termination procedure
3Preparation of local-normative documentation for termination
4Notification of employees, trade union and employment center
5Dismissal and severance pay calculation

Employment termination

CAF Group experts will explain the specifics of the staff reduction process, minimize the risks of labor disputes and prepare everything necessary for еmployment termination:

  • Analyze the necessary operations in accordance with the requirements of legislation
  • Develop a step-by-step procedure for staff reduction taking into account the current situation in the company
  • Define the limitations in the dismissal (definition of employees not subject to dismissal by law, the identification of employees of members of trade unions, etc.)
  • Prepare notices for workers, the trade union and the employment center (if necessary)
  • Prepare mandatory job offers
  • Issue documents for dismissal and calculation of severance payments

Experts of the CAF Group will help in cases of the need to dismiss certain specialists.

The benefits that you will receive by transferring the еmployment termination processes to CAF Group

CAF Group will help the company to promptly prepare the process of staff reduction and conduct staff reduction procedures in full compliance with labor laws.
Reduction of the risks of financial losses from penal sanctions as a result of bringing to responsibility for violation of labor legislation
Preparation of the process of еmployment termination as soon as possible
Confidentiality of the еmployment termination preparation process
Conducting еmployment termination procedures with minimal risk of labor disputes
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