Work safety

CAF Group experts help to prevent accidents and ensure the effectiveness of the labor protection system in the company
Olga Burgstaller
HR Director
Service Model
1Analysis of the current situation in the field of labor protection
2Drawing up a report indicating violations of the organization of occupational safety and health
3Preparation of the plan of necessary measures for setting or adjusting the system of labor protection
4Control over the implementation of the occupational safety and health program

Each employer is obliged to organize a system of labor protection which includes various legal, organizational, technical, sanitary and other measures In accordance with the labor legislation. Specialized labor protection policies, fixed by local regulatory acts, regular briefings for personnel on safety and training, information boards and indexes, as well as technical means to ensure the safety and health of employees should be introduced in the company.

Regulatory authorities may on the results of inspections were brought to administrative responsibility of management to the imposition of penalties.

CAF Group offers the following services on the area of labor protection:

The benefits of transferring labor safety processes to the CAF Group

CAF Group experts are given to the company's management to quickly ensure compliance with the requirements of labor protection legislation without having an expensive specialist in the staff or without spending resources on monitoring the changing legislation.

Focus of management on strategic business objectives
Elimination of the risks of bringing to responsibility for violation of the legislation on labor protection
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