Expert review of work incapacity certificate

Counting on compensation to employers from the funds of the social insurance fund is possible only provided that correctly issued sheets of incapacity for work are provided in strict compliance with the requirements of the law. Checking sick lists by CAF Group experts will reduce the risk of refusals in compensating companies' expenses.
Olga Burgstaller
HR Director
Service Model
1Obtaining and visual inspection of the temporary disability sheet
2Checking and analyzing the correctness of filling in the data of an employee, employer, medical institution
3Comparison of the time sheet data and duration data of the insurance period
4Preparation of the report with the indication of violations in the preparation of the sheets of incapacity for work.

The process of checking and filling in the forms of working capacity sheets is laborious and takes unnecessarily a lot of time and resources of the accounting department and the HR department of the company.

Reducing the workload of the qualified staff of the accounting department is possible due to the involvement of CAF Group specialists, who are able to ensure high-quality performance of works in this area.

The benefits of passing the chack of sick leaves in the CAF group


The correspondence of the filled originals of the sheets of invalidity to the requirements of the current legislation.
The possibility of obtaining consultations by CAF Group specialists on the issue of temporary disability sheets, as well as on the payment of benefits to employees.
Reducing the risk of non-acceptance of credits paid.
Reducing the workload of the accounting department and freeing up time to solve the strategic tasks of the company.
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