Human resources outsourcing

HR management is crucial for success of any company and in addition to individual tasks for employees involves multiple aspects relating to personnel administration, in other words dealing with various administrative tasks and settlement of staff payments. Such issues involve provision of personnel files, meeting the requirements of existing legislation concerning HSE, as well as maintaining confidentiality and rules for personal data processing.

Requirements of the existing Russian Federation labor code and other legislation impose strict rules for documenting staffing processes performed by employers. Violating said requirements can incur significant fines and in some cases suspension of operations up to 90 days. Thus, personnel administration should be entrusted to qualified HR-specialists.

However, maintaining a full time HR Department incurs significant expenses and is in most cases is not cost-effective. Outsourcing of personnel administration allows client company to carry out necessary staff operations professionally and with minimal spending.

CAF Group provides a wide range of outsourcing services in the field of personnel administration and will ensure your business meets requirements of labor code and the risk of fines and labor disputes is minimized. 

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