Restoration of accounting

Restoration of Accounting Records
Service Model
1Formalizing and harmonizing reconstruction of accounting work plans
2Preparation of accounting documentation
3Preparation of corrected statements

Restoration of bookkeeping and tax accounting is necessary to avoid claims from supervisory authorities and ensuring that accounting records are in accordance with existing legislation.

If necessary CAF Group can adjust client company’s statements, minimizing adverse financial implications such as fines after tax audit.

  • Reaching agreements on reconstruction of accounting records and data
  • Requesting of missing accounting data and documentats from contractors.
  • Registration of missing accounting documents.
  • Updates to analytical, synthetic, and tax Registers 
  • Compiling of missing reports.
  • Correction of accounting data in cases where discrepancies with existing data is discovered.
  • Submission of prepared and corrected statements to supervisory authorities, if necessary.
Benefits Received by Outsourcing Restoration of Accounting Records to CAF Group

CAF Group’s expertise helps client companies eliminate errors in accounting statements and tax reports in shortest time possible, as well as minimize risks of punitive measures and avoid management personnel from being held responsible for violations.

By using CAF Group’s services, CFOs and Chief Accountants of client companies can dedicate their time to strategic goals.
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Ensuring that client company’s business practices conform to existing tax legislation and requirements for accounting reporting.
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