Reconsilation with taxation authorities and social funds

Ascertaining client company’s receivables and overpayments in taxes and fees.
CAF Group will assist in reconciliating with tax inspection and extra-budgetary funds as early as possible.
Nataliya Ionova
CEO Caf Group
Service Model
1Reconciliation request.
2Communication with tax agency representatives, Pension Fund, and Social Insurance Fund
3Preparing of data upon request of state agencies.
4Receiving reconciliation statement.
5Providing of corrected data concerning payment of taxes and fees, receiving certificates of non-indebtedness.

Reconciliation with tax agencies and social funds is a necessary process allowing to identify any outstanding payments or overpayments in taxes and fees.

Such reconciliation is mandatory prior to financial statement compilation or in cases where payee is de-registered in the event of shifting to a different Tax Service, as well as in instances of restructuring or voluntary liquidation.

In addition to the above, reconciliation data could be necessary when a company participates in tenders, acquires licenses, or applies for loans or banker’s guarantees. Reconciliation can be a considerable asset in disputes with tax agencies

CAF Group provides support for companies in need of reconciliation with tax agencies and social funds, including: 

  • Submission of tax reconciliation requests.
  • Analysis of financial reporting of taxes and fees submitted to government agencies.
  • Ascertaining payroll validation
  • Assessment of reconciliation report data with tax inspection.
  • Receiving certificates of non-indebtedness.
  • Preparation and submission of corrected financial disclosure statements if necessary.
  • Preparation and submission of adjustments in payments if necessary.
  • Finalization of repayment requests on overpayments in taxes and fees.
  • Advice on taxation. 

Benefits Received by Outsourcing Reconciliation with the IFTS and Foundations to CAF Group:

CAF Group will execute the task in a timely manner.
Receiving professional advice on contentious issues.
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