Preparation and submission of financial and tax reports

CAF Group will help in the preparation and delivery of both the entire reporting complex and individual reports, for which there was insufficient time or staff with the necessary competence
Nataliya Ionova
CEO Caf Group

Financial reports are mandatory for all companies operating in Russia. Errors in such reports can be a cause of serious financial sanctions including, but not limited to suspension of company’s financial transactions. Therefore, preparation of annual reports is a serious endeavor and should performed by experienced professionals.

Due to constantly changing requirements and tight deadlines, it becomes increasingly difficult to prepare and submit annual reports without employing highly qualified professionals.

CAF Groups experts will assist in analyzing client company financial activities and prepare necessary accounting statements and tax reports.

  • An Analysis of accounting details submitted by client company during the reporting period.
  • Clarification of accounting statement details and nature of accounting operations performed during reporting period from a client company contact person (if necessary)
  • Preparation of annual accounting statements, including:
    • Balance sheet report
    • Financial report
    • Preparation of other reporting formats (on client company demand)
    • Securing process of signing (authorization) of completed reports.  
  • Submission of completed reports to government agencies of the Russian Federation.

Benefits Received by Outsourcing Preparation and Submission of Reports to CAF Group:

CAF Group experts ensure that all legislative requirements concerning accounting statements and tax reports are met.

Saving of time and money on reporting
Signing an agreement with CAF Group will ensure high quality and liability for services provided as well as minimization of financial risks
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