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Nataliya Ionova
CEO Caf Group

Business growth may often lead to heavier load for accounting specialist which in turn can result in overburdening of the accountant and decline in quality of their work. Such occurrences substantially increase the risk of accounting errors as well as serious financial losses.

CAF Group experts will help avoid detrimental consequences for the company by performing the most labor-intensive accounting tasks in turn allowing the company’s internal accountant to dedicate time to more pressing matters. 

CAF Group offers separate records maintenance of accounting and tax reporting:

  • Chief Accountant services
  • Accounts of settlements with debtors and creditors
  • Accounts of settlements with accountable persons
  • Banking and accounts for banking operations
  • Accounting of cash transactions
  • Accounting of fixed assets
  • Accounting of variable assets
  • Cost accounting and financial report generation
  • and other services.
By employing CAF Group’s accounting services client company can save on hiring additional accounting staff and minimize risks thanks to the highest quality of accounting operations provided.  


No risk for the client company of being held accountable for violation of bookkeeping requirements
Absence of the “human factor” in accounting
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Signing an agreement with CAF Group will ensure high quality and liability for services provided as well as minimization of financial risks
Accounting continuity
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