Financial (accounting) outsourcing

Finance and accounting functions are crucial for any company and require close monitoring by highly qualified finance, accounting and tax staff. Hiring of such specialists can incur significant expenses due to high rates of said experts.

However, an alternative that allows to significantly optimize company spending for securing finance functions exists. CAF Group offers services of accounting outsourcing as well as bookkeeping and tax reporting, optimization of tax treatment, transactions and tax security, interim and annual reporting, ascertaining and reconstruction of accounting data, and dealing with tax agencies.

Possibility of using services of a specialized third party instead of maintaining internal financial department currently exists under law regulating accounting, and has many benefits:

  • By employing services of CAF Group management personnel can concentrate on main operations.
  • Highest quality of financial processes due to the established procedures of CAF Group.
  • Highly qualified CAF Group exerts will help in dealing with emerging challenges.
  • Optimization of spending for company’s financial activities.
  • Minimizing risks of financial losses from claims and possible fines from controlling authorities.
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